Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay

First, Broc Romanek

I don’t often write about the people I’ve come across in the course of my absurdly long career, but there are some exceptions.  One exception was a December 2019 post in which I noted that Broc Romanek had retired from  At the time, I predicted (probably because I hoped it would be true) that we hadn’t heard the last of him.  I am thrilled to report that my prediction has come true, as Broc has recently launched, his latest and no doubt greatest achievement.

Why “ZippyPoint”?  Well, why not?  It’s punchy and catchy.  The fact that the name has nothing whatsoever to do with securities law or corporate governance makes it all the more endearing (though the website is all about securities law and corporate governance).  It’s also typical of Broc’s great and weird sense of humor.

More important, Broc has already posted oodles of great content on the new site – and I say that totally objectively, despite the fact that he has honored me by including me in a number of his posted videos.

My earlier post included a bunch of nice things about Broc that I won’t repeat here.  However, I will note that is a community-funded site, meaning that it’s free, but viewers can make contributions. It’s so typical of Broc to think of money as an afterthought.  I certainly hope his genuine love for what he does, his willingness to share his wit and wisdom with others, and his general good soul are not the only rewards he gets from the site.  To quote a line I heard somewhere a long time ago, people should give him lots of money and other nice things.

Second, Another SEC Departure

I also want to note the recent announcement that Shelley Parratt, currently Acting Director of CorpFin, is leaving the SEC after a 35-year stint.  Like many others who serve on the SEC Staff, Shelley is a hard-working person who over the years has demonstrated her belief in prudent regulation, investor protection, effective disclosure, and the strength of our capital markets.  Too many people find it too easy to take swipes at those who work for the government, but those of us who’ve had the opportunity to meet with the SEC Staff know how professional they are.  I hope that, like Broc, Shelley stays active; we need more like her!