The Securities Edge is published by Gunster’s Securities and Corporate Governance Practice. Our blog focuses on securities law topics of interest to executives of middle market businesses.

What’s middle market? There is no agreed upon definition, but we like to think middle market means public companies with market capitalizations between $25 million and $5 billion and private companies with revenue between $25 million and $1 billion. If you are an executive of a middle market company, we are blogging with you in mind.

Because we focus on the middle market, we understand the different pressures facing executives of middle market companies compared to executives of larger companies. You may not have a general counsel with a securities law background or even a general counsel at all. Each day, you need to be an expert in many things. Those unique challenges are why we try to focus on the most important issues of the day and distill the complex and convoluted into easy to understand blog posts so you can get up to speed and move on to what’s really important: running your business.