This time I’m not writing about disclosure or governance. Rather, I’m posting my annual list of my 10 favorite books. For those of you who haven’t seen these lists before, (1) I apologize if this seems hubristic (or “braggadocious”, if you will) – I do it because some folks have told me they like it; and (2) the list involves books that I happened to read (or re-read) in 2015, not necessarily books that were published in 2015.

I didn’t encounter lots of great fiction last year; for me, the great books were non-fiction. Let’s see if the trend continues in the New Year.

So here goes (in order of preference):


Augustus, by John Williams (BTW — the first book I read in 2015)

The Tusk That Did The Damage, by Tania James

Imperium, by Robert Harris

Conspirata, by Robert Harris

The Secret Chord, by Geraldine Brooks


On the Move, by Oliver Sacks

Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant, by Roz Chast

Red Notice, by Bill Browder

Without You There Is No Us, by Suki Kim

1944, by Jay Winik

Your thoughts?