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The JOBS Act – Any results yet?

Posted in Capital Raising

President Obama signed the JOBS Act into law on April 5, 2012 amid much fanfare and optimism. Small and medium sized fast-growing technology companies and their executives were especially sanguine about this new act as it appeared that it would provide access to much-needed additional expansion capital. These companies were still reeling from the recession… Continue Reading

Accredited investors – potential changes and some helpful guidance

Posted in Capital Raising

  Potential Changes. Accredited investors have long been critical participants in private financing transactions, and the success of most private financings is largely determined by the participation of these investors and the availability of their capital. State and Federal securities laws have been written or amended to foster and facilitate investment by these accredited investors. Based… Continue Reading

States take the lead on crowdfunding

Posted in Capital Raising

The JOBS Act’s crowdfunding provisions were once one of the most eagerly anticipated items contained in that Act. Many companies and their advisors had high hopes that these crowdfunding provisions would open up new arenas for financing smaller companies while easing the costs and challenges associated with securities regulatory compliance. These hopes and dreams have… Continue Reading

Don’t cross the border!: Intrastate offering exemption still not useful despite new interpretations

Posted in Capital Raising

Last week, the SEC issued three new interpretations related to the so-called “intrastate offering exemption,” which is a registration exemption that facilitates the financing of local business operations.  An intrastate offering is exempt because it does not involve interstate commerce, and is therefore, outside the scope of the Securities Act. We have received a few… Continue Reading

SEC curtails JOBS Act broker registration exemption in recent FAQs

Posted in Capital Raising

I understand that the SEC needs to balance having efficient markets and facilitating capital formation with the protection of investors, but sometimes erecting roadblocks with the intent of protecting investors is merely regulation for regulation’s sake.  On February 5, 2013, the Staff of the Division of Trading and Markets of the SEC provided guidance on… Continue Reading

Update on the JOBS Act: Where are we now?

Posted in Capital Raising

After a flurry of news articles when the JOBS Act became law in April, the news cycle has been non-stop election coverage.  While we all look forward to the end of the political advertisements (especially us Floridians), I wanted to take a moment to bring you up to date on the JOBS Act.  So, where… Continue Reading

Securities Law 101 (Part II): Avoiding the pitfalls in a private placement

Posted in Capital Raising, Financial Institutions

This is the second part of our Securities Law 101 series.  Because capital raising is such a critical function for emerging start-up companies, we designed this series to introduce their management teams to some of the fundamental concepts in securities law.  We hope that this series will prevent some of the most common mistakes management… Continue Reading

JOBS Act update: Keeping current with the SEC’s interpretations

Posted in Capital Raising

The SEC has been busy over the past several weeks rapidly issuing interpretations and procedures to implement the JOBS Act.  Because the JOBS Act is such a fundamental change to securities law, especially for middle market companies, we wanted to spend this blog catching you up to speed on how the JOBS Act looks since we… Continue Reading

SEC to Consider Possible Exemption for Micro-Finance Offerings

Posted in Capital Raising

In a response letter to Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) dated April 6, 2011, Mary Shapiro, the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), indicated that the SEC would be reviewing the feasibility of, among other things, a new exemption from registration for micro-financing or “crowdfunding.” Crowdfunding generally refers to the pooling of small contributions… Continue Reading