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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Regulation A+: Raise the capital you need without the hassle or expense

Posted in Capital Raising

Regulation A+, one of the most overlooked provisions of the JOBS Act, promises to be the best new way for private companies to raise money without the headaches of going public or the restrictions of private offerings.  As part of the JOBS Act, the SEC was tasked with creating a new offering exemption that has… Continue Reading

Did Apple violate Regulation FD at its iPhone 5 release conference?

Posted in Disclosure Guidance

On September 12, 2012, Apple, Inc. held a highly anticipated conference at which it announced the upcoming release of the latest model of the iPhone. These types of conferences have been part of Apple’s standard operations for many years and seem to be a key element of its marketing strategy. Although attendance is limited to… Continue Reading

SEC pushes for disclosure of hacking incidents

Posted in Disclosure Guidance, Technology Company Issues

A number of well-known companies, including Zappos.com, Google, Quest Diagnostics, Eastman Chemcial and AIG, have recently experienced actual or potential intrusions into their computer systems and related confidential data. Some of these incidents have been active criminal attacks by sophisticated hackers, while others have resulted from situations such as lost or stolen laptops. The frequency… Continue Reading

Video Interview: Discussing the Facebook-Instagram Deal’s Fairness Review with LXBN TV

Posted in Mergers and Acquisitions, Technology Company Issues

Following up on my post on the subject, I had the opportunity to speak with Colin O’Keefe of LXBN regarding the Facebook/Instagram deal.  In the brief interview, I explain how things have changed since Facebook’s IPO and what, if anything, that meant for the deal’s fairness review with the California Department of Corporations.

Securities Law 101 (Part II): Avoiding the pitfalls in a private placement

Posted in Capital Raising, Financial Institutions

This is the second part of our Securities Law 101 series.  Because capital raising is such a critical function for emerging start-up companies, we designed this series to introduce their management teams to some of the fundamental concepts in securities law.  We hope that this series will prevent some of the most common mistakes management… Continue Reading